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Week 1: His & Hers Sharpie Mugs… Now They’re MINE!

7 Jan

Well because I had Christmas coming and then I had more traveling to do than I cared for, I decided to finish up my Week 1 before the year ended… and as a result many members of the Novy family, my boss, and a bestie all received these special custom cups under their Christmas tree!

So cute, fun to make, and they were SUPER affordable… which you know I’m all about

But it felt good to get the year started off right and make something fun in the process

Cups Cups Cups

(Secret Santa gifts for my bestie with 2 elephant themed cups, & Novy clan cups)

His & Hers Sharpie Mugs

In case you missed it… This  blog- A Beautiful Mess- is what inspired this posting for Week 1. And while their idea is super cute for any couples to be
or engagement parties you may need a last minute gift for, I think my idea worked just as good…

The only thing that should really be considered when you do make these, is make sure that the recipient knows that they’re hand wash only and that that washing doesn’t need to be overly aggressive… Case in point, the one I made my boss with the company logo on there turned up this morning and looks like she used steel wool to wash is- BUT worst case scenario (like that one) it can be  fixed and rebaked with minimal issues.

Week 1 down… now it’s time for Week 2… any suggestions for pins for me to test out?

Arts? Crafts? Food? Decor? Where will the next Pin take me?