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New Year, New Resolutions…

7 Jan

At least that’s what I told myself… and then I started looking at the odds against me… travelling, working a full time job, managing the house (and all the repairs that renting to 4 college girls will do to you), AND maintaining the semblance of a social (& romantic!) life too?

Well at least I know for a fact that I’m a masochist.

But last year I made goals. I made them and most of them happened. So why can’t this years’? It can! (Or for my sanity I hope it can)

So now, I will be taking all of my Pinterest loves, and all the things I wish I had thought of, and making them a reality… For those of you who have any desire to see what sorts of things get pinned (or offer your suggestions up!) you can check my Pinterest boards.

Fingers crossed! Here we go!