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Week 5: Fat Pie

5 Feb

Well I finally did it… I made something food related for a post… and if you are one of those people into food porn or the idea that looking at something will help you gain 12lbs just by looking- then look away! Look AWAY! I now present to you…. FAT PIE (aka the most amazing sweet and yummy dessert dip ever also known as Caramel Cream Cheese Apple Dip)


Now, to be fair I did tweak the recipe a bit because when I went down to visit Randall’s family in Louisiana, his mom made this dip and after my first bite I no longer cared about the dieting that was supposed to be happening. It was worth it. So I texted her for her recipe, made some revisions, and then consulted google for their recommendation on how to make something along the lines, and Glorious Treats had probably the


closest version… but wait til you realize exactly how simple this was to make. So start with the knowledge that this is NOT a diet friendly recipe, nor is it the go-to if you have no self control… In hindsight I suppose you could make it in a smaller amount, but really… where is the fun in that?

So you can look at the Glorious Treats website for the light cooking option of how to make this decadence, OR you can follow my easy, no-bake, no-fuss recipe courtesy of Miss Kari (thanks again!!) I will give you my exact recipe used for a big pie for a Superbowl Party, so I needed to feed a lot of people…

Image What to buy

  • Green Apples (10)
  • 4 Bricks of Cream Cheese
  • 1 Container of Caramel Apple Dipping Sauce
  • 1 Pre-Made Graham Cracker Pie Crust (I told you… LAZY)
  • Heath Bar Crumble Bits (more of me doing minimal work)

What you need? One Knife to cut the apples.

So I sliced up all the apples and threw them into a casserole pan for easy Image transport, and then I put the knife away. Seriously… as minimal work as possible, I’m in! Then you open up your pie crust and cream cheeses. The only tricky part of putting the cream cheeses into the pie tin, is that you dont want to completely break the crust up, but again, if you do- no harm no foul. (BUT this is my addition to the recipe. Miss Kari just makes hers straight on a plate with no graham crackers… I was feeling decadent) So let your cream cheese soften a bit and then put the softened bricks into the pie tin. Once thats all in there and looks pie-like you take the Imagecaramel spread and just dump it all out. Just pour it all on top. No rhyme or reasoning, just slather it on (especially if you’re like me and love caramel). Then you cover that layer of decadence with the heath bar crumbles.

Now pat yourself on the back, cause you’re done! You are amazing you top chef candidate! I made it in about 20 minutes and then popped it in the fridge so the cream cheese would retain some kind of shape before the superbowl 6 hours later. But you take it out, or dig in immediately, and enjoy! Because this dip, is a definite draw. People couldn’t move away from the dip they loved it so much. Enjoy!

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