Week 3: Memory Jars & Glitter Bottles

22 Jan

Week 3 featured a double header of my Pinterest projects… The Memory Jars guaranteed to bring you joy and smiles as you start out a new year, and then the gorgeous Glitter Bottles to glam up any room (much to the demise of my poor Randall who now exists in a world of glitter everywhere).


So the idea behind the memory jar makes me so happy… that all the happy fun moments you have in a year you want to remember them… and maybe it’s a little romantic? All I know is that when Rand & I started dating I randomly decided that I was going to need everything we did (its the Wedding Planner/Craftionista in me… you NEVER know what you’ll decorate with) and I ended up with a box full of movie ticket stubs, hotel keys, photobooth photos etc, and its kinda nice to look back on it. SO back to the story at hand, this whole idea is right up my alley, that I would be able to save all the cute things that made me happy throughout the year and then look back on it at the end of 2013 and see how much I had to be grateful for. And then the idea transformed into adding glitter in- because, HELLO?! it’s glitter.

ImageThe supplies were super simple, and if you are like me, then you have most of these things at home. I already had the spray glue and the glitter, I have more blue painters tape than I will ever need, and finding a jar that spoke to me more than the mason jar cost me a whole $6 at target. I picked a pretty big jar cause sometimes you just end up picking up pamphlets and you don’t have any cute little things that would fit in a tiny memory jar. I STRONGLY recommend you use the painters tape cause things get messy with spray glue. Also- you should consider spraying outside unless you are really into the Imagefumes and the fact that you may get spray glue all over your countertops, and then glittering over a paper bag or some kind of drop cloth, because my kitchen floor now has a very fine layer of silver glitter, and much as I love glitter it was a bit much even for me. Plus if you do- you can save the glitter and use the dropoff again some other time. But read the directions on the spray glue, stand about a foot away, use your tape, and glitter your world up! Let it dry for a few hours (or just let it sit and come back the next day like I did) and then… you wait. That’s the only downside of this whole thing… Your jar is going to look boring and dumb sitting in your room until you start living and having fabulous things to put in the jar… I mean I put the tickets from Knott’s Berry Farm with the gang in there, and some other weird odds and ends in there, but it’s nothing too crazy or fun yet… but hey- that’s what the promise of a new year is all about! Making the memories, getting out there and living etc!

Pinned & 2 Press! Check! What’s up for next week…. Potentially my big sewing mystery project!


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