Week 2: T-Shirt Scarves

12 Jan

So I regret to inform you I think I caught the dreaded flu this week.. Technically my cold from New Years seems to have transformed itself into the flu. It’s terrible, so I made a point to maybe not choose my most ambitious pin to try for this week… And then of course i made it insanely more difficult than it needed to be- BUT I think it was kinda worth it….

Soooo you should know- Week 2 was a success, so much so that my friend Tami was loving it and thoroughly shocked at my abilities while laying on my death bed.

Behold- Week 2 T Shirt Scarves!! (And because I am getting wiser the more I learn how to do this blogging thing, I took pictures of the steps leading up to it!)

Week 2- TShirt Scarf

So this week’s Pin2Press was inspired by Ninth & Bird. I loved that she didn’t necessarily give the step by step directions and was totally promoting the try many different things to see what we would like…. So I did it… I played around and figured out what would work for me. Lots of other websites were advocating making it into some kind of necklace thingy- so I made mine kinda like an in between scarf/necklace situation. And I made it in bright colors because I wear a LOT of black and grey… I prefer to add my color on my nails or accessories.

ImageSo Step 1 was to find an old T shirt and cut it into strips… Well the blog had the cutest lime green and white striped shirt that I had ZERO chance of owning- BUT I did own a fuschia v-neck that I ruined by washing with lots of blacks and staining with dark spots, and an old white tee thats a bit too small. BOTH made the cut (see that pun there? the cut? haha- okay back to it) So I took the fuschia shirt and an old paintbrush and a mess of fun (to me) and I did that well. (Then I of course threw it all into the washing machine to clean it because the smell of bleach while I was sick was making me extra light headed and I had to go lie down. )

All My PilesBUT then I came back refreshed and cut both shirts into strips and then once I had made plenty of long strips of fabric I stretched them to high hell. Like one end in each hand over the head, around the body kinda stretching. It curls the fabric where you cut it- which is actually what you want. So once I had all my piles of curled fabric gathered up and organized I set about the process of braiding, twisting, and gathering them all together… I tend to really like braids so a lot of that was happening. If you are like me and into things like fishtails and braids, just be sure you make a lot of strips. (I made a fishtail with all of the strips and it looked really cool, BUT it had to go to the wayside since it only left me one scarf that wasn’t really a scarf… BUT I may go Downtown and get some jersey/cotton Tie-Dye Fabric and make a fishtail something out of it because it looked really cool) 

End WrappingAnyways- Once I braided and knotted and got to the end I let my full level of laziness go forth. Meaning, I didn’t feel like pulling out my sewing machine to make this happen. So I layered the ends over each other and then cut thick strips from the remainder sleeves and used them to wrap around the outside.

It took me a few strips to just be extra thorough and wrapped it well. Also for a while I could feel the knots underneath so I fussed with the fabric and really tried to make it all work so when I wear it it wouldn’t hurt me. (That would make this whole thing a waste)

In the end I was pretty pleased with the final result.. It took me a minimal amount of time and I didn’t have to leave my sick bed except for when I did the bleaching. Yay! Week 2 is complete… Pinned & 2 Press! Check!

I’m thinking that Week 3 should be food or beauty related… maybe both? Suggestions are always welcome!




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