Letting the Good Times Roll..

11 Feb

Please please please excuse my tardiness.. I decided to visit a friend in Washington from Thursday til about midnight last night and surprise her for her birthday… BUT as such I didn’t have much time for crafts or projects… I suppose to be fair I did make some homemade valentines with my 2 year old niece… BUT I kind of doubt that it was blog worthy. Mostly because it ended with little Miss O putting a felt heart sticker on my face and me forgetting to take it off before running all over town.

BUT since I am such a sucker for holidays, I will be chronicling my Fat Tuesday celebration tomorrow night, since I will finally get to use something from the Crock-Pot Pinterest board I have! Huzzah! And then later in the week before we take off for Vegas, I will also try some kind of Valentine’s craft… No promises on the Valentines, but Fat Tuesday will indeed be celebrated in strict adherence to the Louisiana rules– King Cake, beads, and all that is fun! I may even have to revive my Mardi Gras mask.


Week 5: Fat Pie

5 Feb

Well I finally did it… I made something food related for a post… and if you are one of those people into food porn or the idea that looking at something will help you gain 12lbs just by looking- then look away! Look AWAY! I now present to you…. FAT PIE (aka the most amazing sweet and yummy dessert dip ever also known as Caramel Cream Cheese Apple Dip)


Now, to be fair I did tweak the recipe a bit because when I went down to visit Randall’s family in Louisiana, his mom made this dip and after my first bite I no longer cared about the dieting that was supposed to be happening. It was worth it. So I texted her for her recipe, made some revisions, and then consulted google for their recommendation on how to make something along the lines, and Glorious Treats had probably the


closest version… but wait til you realize exactly how simple this was to make. So start with the knowledge that this is NOT a diet friendly recipe, nor is it the go-to if you have no self control… In hindsight I suppose you could make it in a smaller amount, but really… where is the fun in that?

So you can look at the Glorious Treats website for the light cooking option of how to make this decadence, OR you can follow my easy, no-bake, no-fuss recipe courtesy of Miss Kari (thanks again!!) I will give you my exact recipe used for a big pie for a Superbowl Party, so I needed to feed a lot of people…

Image What to buy

  • Green Apples (10)
  • 4 Bricks of Cream Cheese
  • 1 Container of Caramel Apple Dipping Sauce
  • 1 Pre-Made Graham Cracker Pie Crust (I told you… LAZY)
  • Heath Bar Crumble Bits (more of me doing minimal work)

What you need? One Knife to cut the apples.

So I sliced up all the apples and threw them into a casserole pan for easy Image transport, and then I put the knife away. Seriously… as minimal work as possible, I’m in! Then you open up your pie crust and cream cheeses. The only tricky part of putting the cream cheeses into the pie tin, is that you dont want to completely break the crust up, but again, if you do- no harm no foul. (BUT this is my addition to the recipe. Miss Kari just makes hers straight on a plate with no graham crackers… I was feeling decadent) So let your cream cheese soften a bit and then put the softened bricks into the pie tin. Once thats all in there and looks pie-like you take the Imagecaramel spread and just dump it all out. Just pour it all on top. No rhyme or reasoning, just slather it on (especially if you’re like me and love caramel). Then you cover that layer of decadence with the heath bar crumbles.

Now pat yourself on the back, cause you’re done! You are amazing you top chef candidate! I made it in about 20 minutes and then popped it in the fridge so the cream cheese would retain some kind of shape before the superbowl 6 hours later. But you take it out, or dig in immediately, and enjoy! Because this dip, is a definite draw. People couldn’t move away from the dip they loved it so much. Enjoy!

Another week Pinned & to Press!

Week 4: The Workout Tank

29 Jan

Week 4 features me having a million people ask me the question du jour “What are you doing for the Superbowl!?” For those of you who don’t know, I am really good at being completely oblivious to football… Like REALLY good at it. It’s not a bad thing, just not MY thing. (Unless its commercials, then I am all in for the Superbowl (especially since this year boo-daddy has the commercial he’s been working late nights on premiering)). BUT I hope that the teams do well and its a good game (“Go Sports!”) However, last year I decided to really try and rile a friend up at his Saints watching party by wearing the Niners tee shirt. Have I mentioned what a good friend I am? So I actually have a tee shirt for one of the teams playing! What are the odds?! And one of my besties has been asking me for months to make her one of my signature Work Out Tanks. And as crafty as I am… I wish I could take credit for figuring it out myself, I have to give props to Rabbit Food for My Bunny Teeth . Her DIY T-shirt to tank tutorial is what has helped me to make MANY a tank for football games (not such a pro person but I will always bleed Trojan blood!) and other fun things, and now for the Superbowl!!

FinalMaking this tank is so easy I literally didn’t even bother getting out of bed to do it. You start with any t-shirt you’ve washed before and are okay with cutting up (so your t-shirt that your nana gave you that was signed by MLK and passed down? NOT the shirt to use) I’ve now done this with a V-Neck shirt (see the one above) and a few other times with the regular scoop neck t-shirt.

photo 2 So I recommend doing it on a table first, because I had a few instances where I was wondering if I was cutting t-shirt or quilt (no quilts were harmed in the making of this project), but really its soooo easy. Snip off the bottom, snip off the neck, and the arms… essentially you can cut off any portion that has an actual seam. You’re going for that fun loose tank that looks super cute with jeans or at the gym, you know exactly photo 3what I’m talking about… The kind those girls have and just look sooooo effortlessly cute and chic in. Then I personally save the bottom seam to use on the back end as the ribbon ties. I have to admit I have also been borderline obsessed with the tanks by Person10 because they’re adorable with the little bows on the back. Feminine and functional- nothing wrong with that! So I made a spinoff little bow on this tank, as you can see in the main picture.

This post is unfortunately super short because the tutorial is SO simple that if I messed it up I would be ashamed, and I’ve done it a few times before… Which was also good because it gave me time to try out making a flapper dress for my 20s murder mystery dinner….

Pinned & to Press! Check! Next week I’m thinking food… mmmmmmmmmm



Week 3: Memory Jars & Glitter Bottles

22 Jan

Week 3 featured a double header of my Pinterest projects… The Memory Jars guaranteed to bring you joy and smiles as you start out a new year, and then the gorgeous Glitter Bottles to glam up any room (much to the demise of my poor Randall who now exists in a world of glitter everywhere).


So the idea behind the memory jar makes me so happy… that all the happy fun moments you have in a year you want to remember them… and maybe it’s a little romantic? All I know is that when Rand & I started dating I randomly decided that I was going to need everything we did (its the Wedding Planner/Craftionista in me… you NEVER know what you’ll decorate with) and I ended up with a box full of movie ticket stubs, hotel keys, photobooth photos etc, and its kinda nice to look back on it. SO back to the story at hand, this whole idea is right up my alley, that I would be able to save all the cute things that made me happy throughout the year and then look back on it at the end of 2013 and see how much I had to be grateful for. And then the idea transformed into adding glitter in- because, HELLO?! it’s glitter.

ImageThe supplies were super simple, and if you are like me, then you have most of these things at home. I already had the spray glue and the glitter, I have more blue painters tape than I will ever need, and finding a jar that spoke to me more than the mason jar cost me a whole $6 at target. I picked a pretty big jar cause sometimes you just end up picking up pamphlets and you don’t have any cute little things that would fit in a tiny memory jar. I STRONGLY recommend you use the painters tape cause things get messy with spray glue. Also- you should consider spraying outside unless you are really into the Imagefumes and the fact that you may get spray glue all over your countertops, and then glittering over a paper bag or some kind of drop cloth, because my kitchen floor now has a very fine layer of silver glitter, and much as I love glitter it was a bit much even for me. Plus if you do- you can save the glitter and use the dropoff again some other time. But read the directions on the spray glue, stand about a foot away, use your tape, and glitter your world up! Let it dry for a few hours (or just let it sit and come back the next day like I did) and then… you wait. That’s the only downside of this whole thing… Your jar is going to look boring and dumb sitting in your room until you start living and having fabulous things to put in the jar… I mean I put the tickets from Knott’s Berry Farm with the gang in there, and some other weird odds and ends in there, but it’s nothing too crazy or fun yet… but hey- that’s what the promise of a new year is all about! Making the memories, getting out there and living etc!

Pinned & 2 Press! Check! What’s up for next week…. Potentially my big sewing mystery project!

Week 2: T-Shirt Scarves

12 Jan

So I regret to inform you I think I caught the dreaded flu this week.. Technically my cold from New Years seems to have transformed itself into the flu. It’s terrible, so I made a point to maybe not choose my most ambitious pin to try for this week… And then of course i made it insanely more difficult than it needed to be- BUT I think it was kinda worth it….

Soooo you should know- Week 2 was a success, so much so that my friend Tami was loving it and thoroughly shocked at my abilities while laying on my death bed.

Behold- Week 2 T Shirt Scarves!! (And because I am getting wiser the more I learn how to do this blogging thing, I took pictures of the steps leading up to it!)

Week 2- TShirt Scarf

So this week’s Pin2Press was inspired by Ninth & Bird. I loved that she didn’t necessarily give the step by step directions and was totally promoting the try many different things to see what we would like…. So I did it… I played around and figured out what would work for me. Lots of other websites were advocating making it into some kind of necklace thingy- so I made mine kinda like an in between scarf/necklace situation. And I made it in bright colors because I wear a LOT of black and grey… I prefer to add my color on my nails or accessories.

ImageSo Step 1 was to find an old T shirt and cut it into strips… Well the blog had the cutest lime green and white striped shirt that I had ZERO chance of owning- BUT I did own a fuschia v-neck that I ruined by washing with lots of blacks and staining with dark spots, and an old white tee thats a bit too small. BOTH made the cut (see that pun there? the cut? haha- okay back to it) So I took the fuschia shirt and an old paintbrush and a mess of fun (to me) and I did that well. (Then I of course threw it all into the washing machine to clean it because the smell of bleach while I was sick was making me extra light headed and I had to go lie down. )

All My PilesBUT then I came back refreshed and cut both shirts into strips and then once I had made plenty of long strips of fabric I stretched them to high hell. Like one end in each hand over the head, around the body kinda stretching. It curls the fabric where you cut it- which is actually what you want. So once I had all my piles of curled fabric gathered up and organized I set about the process of braiding, twisting, and gathering them all together… I tend to really like braids so a lot of that was happening. If you are like me and into things like fishtails and braids, just be sure you make a lot of strips. (I made a fishtail with all of the strips and it looked really cool, BUT it had to go to the wayside since it only left me one scarf that wasn’t really a scarf… BUT I may go Downtown and get some jersey/cotton Tie-Dye Fabric and make a fishtail something out of it because it looked really cool) 

End WrappingAnyways- Once I braided and knotted and got to the end I let my full level of laziness go forth. Meaning, I didn’t feel like pulling out my sewing machine to make this happen. So I layered the ends over each other and then cut thick strips from the remainder sleeves and used them to wrap around the outside.

It took me a few strips to just be extra thorough and wrapped it well. Also for a while I could feel the knots underneath so I fussed with the fabric and really tried to make it all work so when I wear it it wouldn’t hurt me. (That would make this whole thing a waste)

In the end I was pretty pleased with the final result.. It took me a minimal amount of time and I didn’t have to leave my sick bed except for when I did the bleaching. Yay! Week 2 is complete… Pinned & 2 Press! Check!

I’m thinking that Week 3 should be food or beauty related… maybe both? Suggestions are always welcome!



Week 1: His & Hers Sharpie Mugs… Now They’re MINE!

7 Jan

Well because I had Christmas coming and then I had more traveling to do than I cared for, I decided to finish up my Week 1 before the year ended… and as a result many members of the Novy family, my boss, and a bestie all received these special custom cups under their Christmas tree!

So cute, fun to make, and they were SUPER affordable… which you know I’m all about

But it felt good to get the year started off right and make something fun in the process

Cups Cups Cups

(Secret Santa gifts for my bestie with 2 elephant themed cups, & Novy clan cups)

His & Hers Sharpie Mugs

In case you missed it… This  blog- A Beautiful Mess- is what inspired this posting for Week 1. And while their idea is super cute for any couples to be
or engagement parties you may need a last minute gift for, I think my idea worked just as good…

The only thing that should really be considered when you do make these, is make sure that the recipient knows that they’re hand wash only and that that washing doesn’t need to be overly aggressive… Case in point, the one I made my boss with the company logo on there turned up this morning and looks like she used steel wool to wash is- BUT worst case scenario (like that one) it can be  fixed and rebaked with minimal issues.

Week 1 down… now it’s time for Week 2… any suggestions for pins for me to test out?

Arts? Crafts? Food? Decor? Where will the next Pin take me?

New Year, New Resolutions…

7 Jan

At least that’s what I told myself… and then I started looking at the odds against me… travelling, working a full time job, managing the house (and all the repairs that renting to 4 college girls will do to you), AND maintaining the semblance of a social (& romantic!) life too?

Well at least I know for a fact that I’m a masochist.

But last year I made goals. I made them and most of them happened. So why can’t this years’? It can! (Or for my sanity I hope it can)

So now, I will be taking all of my Pinterest loves, and all the things I wish I had thought of, and making them a reality… For those of you who have any desire to see what sorts of things get pinned (or offer your suggestions up!) you can check my Pinterest boards.

Fingers crossed! Here we go!